There’s No Telling Where I’d Be Without The Help Of Ignition Financial

I’ve had such a hard time with my financing company because it seems as if they only want to keep me in debt. I got my loan almost 2 years ago, and I was paying on time every month. When the end of the month came, I knew my payment were going to be on the first of the month, so I made sure to have the money in my account, so I would make my payment on time. It was only when things started going awry at my job that I started falling behind on payments, but it was only three payments, but the financing company certainly made me pay for it.


They gave me one fee after another, which easily added $150 to each late payment onto my total. Even when I got caught up, they still made things hard for me, I decided it was time to refinance. I let them know I was going to work with Ignition Financial because I had heard about them through a friend, but my financing company still wouldn’t work with me to give me a lower rate.


I went to their offices to speak with a professional about my refinancing choices, and it turns out that my credit was a lot better than my previous financier led me to believe. I haven’t checked on my credit in a while, but finding that the good credit I had would allow me to get lower monthly payments may be so happy. The best thing is that Ignition Financial works with several lenders, giving me several choices of which lender would be the best for me.


I was looking for a lower price and a way to slash my payments, and I was also looking for terms that would be agreeable. I didn’t want a lender who was going to stockpile me with tons of fees if I happened to fall behind, and I was able to find the perfect lender with Ignition Financial. It was the end of the month when I refinanced the car, which allowed me another month before I had to make my first payment, which gave me a quick break.


I also learned that Ignition Financial has coverage plans that will keep my entire car covered and protected in case of emergencies, collision that results in irreparable damage, and even protection on my loan. This gap coverage is worth the cost and gives me a piece of mind that I never had when I only had my regular insurance, which wouldn’t cover all the things that the gap coverages will cover. I smile like never before when I drive my car because I’m truly protected against the elements, and it’s all thanks to Ignition Financial.


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  1. I went to the Ignition Financial website to fill out an application, and I was so happy when I found that I could be approved for another loan. I really am very grateful to Ignition Financial. It can also make it happen for the best writing services and also to make it happen all at once too.

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