Stream Energy is Growing and Expanding Using Innovative Direct Sales Marketing

For over a decade, Stream Energy has supplied energy in gas and electricity to the citizens of Texas from Dallas. Since 2010, this licensed retail electricity provider has expanded into Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Washington DC and New York and has become one of the leading companies in the Public Utilities Commission.

Stream Energy strives to keep their customers informed in areas that relate to their electric and gas usage, so they use energy most effectively for their household. Helping keep your energy bill manageable is our primary goal, and the latest tip is about conserving energy with the electrical gadgets in your home. Read more about Stream Energy at

Electronic devices of all kinds have been found to use small amounts of energy whether they are being used or not. It may not save much on a daily basis, but by turning your devices off after use, you could save over the course of a year.

By turning off your game console, coffee maker, computer, printer, and similar components, you could save about $1.00 each per year, which would add up to a total savings of $10 to $15 annually; your DVR could save almost $40 per year.

If you have an entertainment system, the savings would be over $10 a month or $130 a year. Stream wants their customers to be aware of these phantom drains, so they can balance their budgets and energy usage. A phantom drain is a real expense that can be eliminated by changing your habits.


Two simple, inexpensive solutions to help you save in this area are 1) group your electronic gadgets together on power strips, so they can be shut down with the flick of a switch. This will also save devices that are plugged in when a power surge comes through the lines, and 2) monitor your energy spending with monitoring tools. Stream sends the Weekly Energy Report directly to your email always offering useful energy-saving advice.

Founded in 2005 in Dallas, Stream has revolutionized the utility industry with innovative direct selling. Stream Connected Services has global services, which include Energy Services, Home Services, Wireless Services, and Protective Services. Learn more at Biz Journals about Stream Energy.