Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Is at the Forefront of the Title Industry

Nationwide Title Clearance, Inc., based in Palm Harbor, Florida is one of the largest document processing organizations in the world. Its track record and reliability is so outstanding that eight out of ten of the country’s retail banking and mortgage companies use Nationwide for their document processing.


When it comes to locating and verifying mortgage abstracts, liens, and titles, accuracy and speed are the high water marks that everyone looks for. Nationwide has the capacity of locating and verifying records from any county in America, no matter if it is located digitally, or as a paper file, as many of those records are still stored.


What is remarkable about the results that Nationwide has been able to achieve is that their accuracy record is over 99.8 percent with a mistake ratio of less than 1 percent. This is almost impossible to achieve given the number of records that the company processes.


The reason a company the size of Nationwide can get the results that they do is that of the level of technology that the company embraces and the training and competency of its employees. Also, they are exposed to additional training that can help them advance in the company by learning more and more about the company and the industry.


Nationwide has a low turnover rate too, as employees stay with the company. A recent declaration by The Tampa Bay Times cited a study conducted by an independent source that stated that for four out of the last five years, Nationwide employees voted that Nationwide was included in the top 100 employers in the nation.


John Hillman, the CEO of Nationwide recently stated that one of the biggest problems in the document industry is inaccuracies and sloppy handling of the delivery of the same. The remedy is the responsibility of the companies themselves. As he states, we as companies should set our objectives at very high levels, and then measure up to them in a very public way. This would solve the inaccuracies and compliance issues very quickly.


The mission statement of Nationwide is to deliver the highest level of accuracy in the document location and verification process so that mortgage companies and homeowners have the right information for mortgage commerce to exist while at the same time, protecting the land records of our nation.


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  1. Nationwide currently employees over 450 employees and they are all very well trained. Only the best people are hired, and they undergo a very thorough initial training program. It is exactly the issue on what writing a professional resume could have done to make sure all these things are working hand in hand.

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