Love in the Time of Hatred

The world is currently not a free place for us to journey through, an idea that scares many and spreads a desire for global change and reformation on In order to try and spread some cheer and praise in an often depressing and saddened world there has been announced a festival of epic proportions that is to take place in Spain in 2020. This festival is appropriately named Lovaganza, and is a showcase of not only cultural values the world over but also the universal concept of all accepting love and brotherhood. These are two concepts that many people in the world long for and will undoubtedly attract them to the many others who will travel long distances to take part in this historic future event.

One of the main features of Lovaganza is the Extravaganza of Love, an impressive performance of gathered cultural actors and actresses who will portray their home countries traditional values for the remainder of the globe to witness. The show will be presented on a 360 degree stage, allowing spectators to see and gain a grasp of how these people operate, both emotionally and physically. This is key in spreading global acceptance for people of all ethnicities, religious affiliation and sexual preference and is a major contributor to how we will adapt as Human beings.

The main focus of Lovaganza’s festival is to promote brotherhood and for culturally illiterate individuals to realize that everyone has some form of common ground, regardless of where they might have grown up or what values they might contain. There is a camaraderie that all Human beings share with one another regardless of social positions and whether or not they can agree or disagree on issues that their countries might be facing. In a world where fear is being more frequently spread it is important and vital to spread good news as well.

For those interested in globalization then Lovaganza will be the defining festival of their lives. In order to bridge the gap between acceptance and exile it should be a personal duty for every able bodied individual to at least put some research into this important event, and there is time to do so considering just how large Lovaganza is promising to become.

If you are interested in finding out more about this incredible event than you owe it to yourself and your family members to delve deep into the everlasting pool of information that is the internet and discover more. You might find that Lovaganza can in some fashion use you to promote its ultimate message of togetherness; a concept that could help to heal this broken and damaged world where death is just as easy as life in many ways.


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