How Securus Technologies Changed How Officers Work in Prison

My job as a corrections officer is extremely dangerous, but I would never want to be doing anything else. I look forward to showing up to work each day because I know I am making a difference, and despite the respect I give to every inmate in our facility, they often lash out at authority and have hurt many of my fellow officers in the past.


One of the ways we have tightened up security at the jail is having Securus Technologies install a new inmate telephone call monitoring system that allows us to see things in a whole new light. The company is based in Texas, has one thousand employees, and the CEO says the entire team is all on board to making this world a safer place for all to live.


In the old days before computers ruled the world, me and my team of officers would have to listen to inmates making calls and try to decipher what it was they were talking about. Today, the LBS software can do the work of my whole team, and instantly detect chatter that then alerts us to take action. If the inmates are talking about using drugs in their cells after lights out, we can take action fast and eliminate the contraband and punish the inmate.


Once my team learned how the LBS software working, it allowed us to utilize this resource to address the calls the inmates were making while we were now able to put a stronger force in places that needed immediate attention. We can split the team up so they are in the visitor center making sure nothing changes hands between inmate and guest, while we also are doing surprise cell inspections at the same time.


Securus Technologies has been key in reducing violent episodes inside our jail this year.