Highland Capital Shifts Gears, Renews Focus on Healthcare

Highland Capital Management is an investment firm that is focused out of Dallas, TX. The company was established and has been raised up to its current status by the hard work of CEO James Dondero. James Dondero has already gotten a reputation around the industry as an innovative and exciting investor who knows how to work the wild wings of the market. Nowadays Highland Capital Management is focusing on breaking through the ceiling in order to improve returns for their clients. Last year Highland Small Cap Equity made nearly 32% in terms of return for their investors by working with energy stocks. This year their focus is on healthcare.


The healthcare industry is up in the air right now while a ton of moving parts are in the works in Washington. However, this hasn’t stopped James Dondero and Michael Gregory from shifting their focus to the healthcare field. Gregory acts as the CIO for Highland Alternative Investors, located out of Dallas, and his branch manages nearly $15.4 billion. Gregory was a big part of Highland’s huge success last year and he has been given the green light to shift focus toward healthcare.


Michael Gregory is quick to point out that healthcare struggled last year, posting a -2.1% growth rate but that has him all the more excited. Gregory believes that there is a very real difference that could result in “a tremendous rebound” throughout 2017 for the healthcare industry. Of the various companies that Gregory is focused on is the Collegium Pharmaceutical INC. Gregory’s focus this year is on the raging opioid epidemic that is currently engulfing America. Gregory says, “The insurance companies are starting to do something about it” and this means that newer, better and less addictive drugs are going to be hitting the market. Collegium is developing a drug called Xtampza ER which is a less addictive version of oxycodone and it could be a medical game changer.


Michael Gregory and James Dondero continue to lead Highland Capital into the future. Their focus on health care could be a huge boon in an industry that is being underplayed by big name investors.