End Citizens United Endorses Doug Jones

Endorsing Doug Jones

End Citizen United (ECU) endorsed Doug Jones, a Democratic nominee for the Alabama Senatorial seat. Jones, a former attorney, will run against Roy Moore, in the Alabama Special Elections. ECU disregarded Moore`s agendas.

In its statement, the organization described Moore as an extremist with a bigoted and a racist agenda. Moore is a person who prioritizes his special interests over those of common Alabamians. The President of ECU, Tiffany Muller, said that Moore`s radical agenda could not be applied in the U.S. Senate. ECU was endorsing Doug Jones because he is a man of integrity. He isn`t afraid to do the right thing. Tiffany Muller believed Jones will take his dedication to the Congress and help all Americans.

Jones said Alabama families had made a decision to revolutionize the system. Electing Doug Jones would enable them to mend the broken system. The political framework serves the interests of the deep-pocked politicians. Jones promised to collaborate with ECU to eliminate the corrupt systems.

Moore` agendas are aligned with those of shady mega-donors, such as Steve Bannon and the Mercer family. Super PAC, also announced that it will support Moore. The Republican’s campaign is dominated by ‘dark money’ associations and hate groups such as anti-LGBT group and Public Advocate. Electing Moore will give more power to such organizations. The Republican is among the leaders who are repealing Johnson Amendment, that allows political groups to use churches as their funding channels.

Moore has implemented dangerous ideas in the past. He was suspended, when he served as a judge, because of applying his personal views ahead of the law. He also advised judges to deny gay-marriage licenses. Moore supported the idea that President Obama was not born in America. He also described the 9/11 attacks as a divine punishment on Americans.

Doug Jones is contrary to Moore. When he was judge, he ensured justice was served to KKK members, who took part in the 16th Street Bombing. He is committed to eliminating the poor system that utilizes ‘Big Money’ to sabotage elections. He believes leaders, who have been discriminated in the political process, can get a chance if the system is unrigged.

About End Citizen United (ECU)

Founded on 1st March 2015, ECU is a political association that is funded by grassroots donors. The committee is dedicated to electing pro-reform leaders and prioritizing the control of campaign money. ECU works within the ballot measures to enact pro-reform laws and demonstrating power, through its grassroots members.

ECU is an organization that dedicates its operations to supporting and electing legitimate U.S. Senators. The organization believes that members of the Congress should pass meaningful campaign finance reforms. These members should enact laws to eliminate Citizens United. Undisclosed and unlimited money should be eliminated from the system.

Learn more about End Citizens United: http://www.politifact.com/personalities/end-citizens-united/