Chaz Dean Is Revolutionizing Hair Care

One has to understand that Chaz Dean would not attach his name to his products if he did not believe in them. After all, with his name attached to them, that puts a lot of weight on his shoulders. If anything goes wrong or there are any issues, he is the one that is going to take the fall for it. They will look directly at him, which is why it takes a certain amount of courage and guts to put someone’s name on something. For Chaz Dean, that has never been an issue with him. He proudly puts his name on his hair care products.

Now, he is not doing this so people look at him, give him all the praise, and bow down to him. That is clearly not the case. He is not in this for the attention. He is in this because he knows he can make a true difference in people’s lives with his GuthyRenker beauty and hair care products. That is why he does it. He does not do it for fun and games. While he has fun and is very innovative, he also knows people are spending money on these products and they expect a certain level of quality with that.

WEN Hair was recently tested by Emily McClure of, and she is a fashion and beauty expert for their website. If there is a quality product out there and she has heard buzz about it, she is going to try it out for herself and give the people the honest truth on what they can expect out of it. She did that over the course of seven days and also was kind enough to include photos for her readers as well. This way, they were able to get both the written review along with her photos.

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