Capital Group Gets A New Chairman

On July 28, 2015, Timothy (Tim) Armour was elected the chairman of the Capital Group. The leading investment firm’s Board of Directors was mandated with the duty of sourcing for a qualified executive leader. Before becoming the chairman of the company, Timothy Armour served as the chairman of Capital Research and Management Company.

As the senior most leader at the company, Timothy Armour will be working closely with other senior management leaders at the enterprise. These leaders include Phil De Toledo and Rob Lovelace. Phil is Capital Group’s president while Rob is the president of Capital Research and Management Company. The team will be responsible for overseeing, developing and implementing overall business strategies for the Capital Group.

Timothy Armour is replacing the former chairman, Jim Rothenberg. His election was occasioned by the sudden demise of Jim. Many people believe that the election by the board was just a formality as the company had already been preparing Tim to take over from Jim. The succession plan has been in motion for years.

Speaking about the former leader, Timothy Armour praised him as a purposeful leader who had the unique ability to take decisive actions that benefited clients, investors, and associates for longer periods. He also noted that Jim was more than just a leader. He was both a friend and colleague to the staff of Capital Group. He encouraged the staff to continue working together as before as the company’s 84-year legacy is built on the collective talents of all of the company’s associates. Tim praised the associates for their determination to provide the company’s clients and investors with superior and long-term investment results. This information was originally reported on PRNewswire as outlined here.

Tim Armour plays a critical leadership role at Capital Group. He holds different positions at the organization. Besides being the chairman of the firm, he is the chairman of the company’s management committee. In addition, he is the chairman and principal of Capital Research and Management Company. Time is also an equity portfolio manager at Capital Group.

The Los Angeles-based business leader joined the company over 33 years ago straight from college. He is one of the longest serving employees at the firm. He started as a participant in the company’s Associates Program. Later, he became an equity investment analyst. In this position, he was responsible for handling global communications and U.S service companies. His success saw him appointed to company’s leadership team. Timothy Armour holds an economics degree from the Middlebury College.

David Osio Increases Philanthropic Activities

David Osio is currently the Executive Director of the Davos Financial Group. He founded the company several years ago, and it has earned him a lot of money. Osio has a lot of understanding in the financial practices in several sectors. Before becoming the director of the Davos Financial Group, Osio was studying for his law degree at the Catholic University Andres Bello, based in Venezuela. Banking and finance courses were also offered at the University.

After completing his education, David Osio was employed by several institutions. In 1993, he decided to start his independent company, and that is when he founded the Davos Financial Group. He had acquired enough experience already, and this is why his financial services company has done so well. The company has earned him a lot of revenue, making David Osio one of the wealthiest businessmen in the country. He uses some of his wealth for charitable purposes in the country.

After acquiring a lot of wealth, David Osio partnered with several non-profit making organizations. Most of the charitable organizations he collaborated with work to better the lives of people, art and the culture of the communities where the financial expert develops business. Apart from growing financial services, David Osio has worked very hard to expand his charitable organization on an international scale.

David Osio has worked one of the members of the Orchestra Board, and during this time, he has notably supported the Miami Symphony Orchestra. David says that his company is an annual supporter of the charitable organization because it always gives him the satisfaction he needs. Seeing some of these iconic charitable organizations succeed in their activities because of the donations from people in the society brings a lot of joy to the businessman and his company too.

The foundation has been operating for a long time, and Osio is known as the traditional sponsor of the EPK events in the organization that are held every year. David believes that any research helps, especially when it concerns the medical state of the children. Osio hopes that one day individuals who are fortunate enough in the society can choose to come together and make a significant financial difference in the lives of the children.

David Osio is a successful finance expert who has been very successful in the both the international and domestic market.

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