End Citizens United Endorses Doug Jones

Endorsing Doug Jones

End Citizen United (ECU) endorsed Doug Jones, a Democratic nominee for the Alabama Senatorial seat. Jones, a former attorney, will run against Roy Moore, in the Alabama Special Elections. ECU disregarded Moore`s agendas.

In its statement, the organization described Moore as an extremist with a bigoted and a racist agenda. Moore is a person who prioritizes his special interests over those of common Alabamians. The President of ECU, Tiffany Muller, said that Moore`s radical agenda could not be applied in the U.S. Senate. ECU was endorsing Doug Jones because he is a man of integrity. He isn`t afraid to do the right thing. Tiffany Muller believed Jones will take his dedication to the Congress and help all Americans.

Jones said Alabama families had made a decision to revolutionize the system. Electing Doug Jones would enable them to mend the broken system. The political framework serves the interests of the deep-pocked politicians. Jones promised to collaborate with ECU to eliminate the corrupt systems.

Moore` agendas are aligned with those of shady mega-donors, such as Steve Bannon and the Mercer family. Super PAC, also announced that it will support Moore. The Republican’s campaign is dominated by ‘dark money’ associations and hate groups such as anti-LGBT group and Public Advocate. Electing Moore will give more power to such organizations. The Republican is among the leaders who are repealing Johnson Amendment, that allows political groups to use churches as their funding channels.

Moore has implemented dangerous ideas in the past. He was suspended, when he served as a judge, because of applying his personal views ahead of the law. He also advised judges to deny gay-marriage licenses. Moore supported the idea that President Obama was not born in America. He also described the 9/11 attacks as a divine punishment on Americans.

Doug Jones is contrary to Moore. When he was judge, he ensured justice was served to KKK members, who took part in the 16th Street Bombing. He is committed to eliminating the poor system that utilizes ‘Big Money’ to sabotage elections. He believes leaders, who have been discriminated in the political process, can get a chance if the system is unrigged.

About End Citizen United (ECU)

Founded on 1st March 2015, ECU is a political association that is funded by grassroots donors. The committee is dedicated to electing pro-reform leaders and prioritizing the control of campaign money. ECU works within the ballot measures to enact pro-reform laws and demonstrating power, through its grassroots members.

ECU is an organization that dedicates its operations to supporting and electing legitimate U.S. Senators. The organization believes that members of the Congress should pass meaningful campaign finance reforms. These members should enact laws to eliminate Citizens United. Undisclosed and unlimited money should be eliminated from the system.

Learn more about End Citizens United: http://www.politifact.com/personalities/end-citizens-united/

Once Again, He Sets The Stage

– How His Life Led To A World Of Philanthropy

You might not be aware of it.

Yet, the billions and billions of dollars which are known with the George Soros name didn’t start off that way. Mr. Soros’ personal story is what we look deeper into and to better understand who he is or where his work of philanthropy comes from. So, in essence, knowing George Soros is also about knowing his ideals and beliefs.

These ideals and beliefs set the stage for what we know as the work of his life. There’s a simple notion that most of us can only understand once spoken of and discussed. That ideal would be to enable a life of philanthropy once you’ve amassed enough to make a great impact. But this isn’t to suggest that you avoid giving or doing charitable acts. Learn more on Biography about George.

What we are suggesting is that playing on the world stage is a big platform to work on. It will take a bit of courage, a great vision and more importantly, the right amount of money. When you see projects in the world that could improve society, then you need to also see what it would financially take to accomplish those philanthropic tasks.

Understanding this basic principal is also how we understand men like George Soros.

What we learn and see is that George’s past is one full of hard work and nights of steady education, study and research. These lead George Soros to eventually becoming successful in the world of finance. Visit this site to know more at opensocietyfoundations.org.

That success is one which led him into a world platform for change.

Who We Can Look To For Help

Though it might be a challenge to accept and as the role of our lives in this world, it’s men like George Soros that we look to the most. And you might be asking “why” at this moment. The reason is because these men have achieved so much that they have the proper means to set an objective and then easily follow through.

Learn more: http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/individualProfile.asp?indid=977

So it’s men like these that have the greatest influence and that have the greatest means. When those two are matched together, anything is possible. Today, the next time you hear about George Soros in the news, you’ll know that it’s exactly because of this ability matched with his resources at hand.

End Citizens United’s Fortitude for Campaign Finance Reform

End Citizens United is determined in using their platform to bring change to the election process by transforming campaign finance. The political action committee (PAC) wants their grass roots efforts to make this change become a reality. Their actions have already made a massive impact.


After the organization formed in March 2015, politicians began to take notice. End Citizens United has been very vocal, along with their supporters, that campaign finance reform will require a balance of power in the political system. Politicians are now aware that going forward elections will have an undercurrent of campaign finance reform for the voters’ decision. End Citizen’s United has already become a major player in the political process, and they’re just getting started.


After receiving over $2 million with small donations from supporters of their mission, End Citizen’s United became a force aimed at seeing that transparency in the political process becomes the truth of the election process. They will put an end to the notion that “corporations are people” and corporate billionaires having no accountability for their political contributions.


End Citizens United believes when the U.S. Supreme Court rendered its decision in 2010, with Citizens United vs. F.E.C., they created an imbalance of power for transparency. Their position on that decision is that it opens the door for many special interest groups and corporations to write their own ticket into the political process. End Citizens United believes that their responsibility, on behalf of the U.S. voters, is to bring accountability to politicians and corporations.


The mission of the organization is simple; to combat large money contributions in politics and dismantle what they consider is a rigged system. It is End Citizens United ultimate goal to have the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision overturned.


The actions taken by the End Citizens United team is to assure the voters that they elect pro-reform candidates. Using an increasing number of petitioners, the PAC has made it a priority to raise the issue of money in politics and using those memberships to demonstrate their political power on this issue.


The organization has the potential to receive over 4 million additional petitioners by the end of 2017, after partnering with Ready PAC, formerly “Ready For Hillary” PAC. Ready PAC has entrusted End Citizens United with an email list that will increase their support. End Citizens United continues to reach out to voters and they’ve received enormous support for their mission.


End Citizens United’s fight for U.S. voters has been an incredible conquest in a challenging political season. Their ultimate victory will be determined by getting democratic support in key elections. The organization believes that meaningful change can happen with democratic leadership and so far they appear to be well on their way to winning.