New Brunswick’s Quincy Circle Sees Rise In Crime Along with New Development

One of the areas in Brunswick, New Jersey has been in the news Quincy Circle where there has been an increase in crime. Some of these crimes have resulted in arrests and have been covered in the news. In one incident involved a shooting in an apartment. The New Brunswick Police Department spokesman Captain JT Miller told the media a shooting occurred in the New Brunswick Apartments. Three or four shots were heard and one person was wounded. The victim was transported to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital by the suspect of the shooting. The description of the suspect and vehicle included the suspect was wearing a hoodie and drove a dark colored Honda. Leaving the hospital the suspect fled in the direction of Nilsen Street. Police found bullet casings at the scene of the shooting.


Another one of the criminal events that were covered in the news happened in a parking lot in the South Brunswick, New Jersey Quincy Circle. At this location in a parking lot, a pizza delivery man attempting to deliver a pizza to the apartment complex was told by a resident they did not order the pizza. The delivery man returned to his car when he was approached by three males who claimed the pizza was for them. One of the three men pulled a gun out and put it to the delivery man’s head demanding money. The men grabbed the money, the delivery man’s wallet, and the pizza, leaving the scene in an older dark colored minivan.


Approximately six months later a 21-year-old man was charged with armed robbery and identified as Parrish Woods age 21. Woods was the gang leader in the armed robbery of the pizza delivery man, who is also known as “P Gun” and “Pistol.”


Police Detective Ron Seaman who worked the case linked Wood’s location through his cell phone and put him in the location of the robbery around the time it happened. After this Wood’s was linked to several other pizza delivery armed robberies. He was convicted of several armed robberies and serving his sentence at Middlesex County Correction Center.


Quincy Circle New Brunswick, New Jersey is a location where new development, new buildings, and apartment complexes are under construction. This includes new construction of apartment complexes complete with high security for the residents. The area has seen a rise in crime and armed robberies including bank robberies.