Madison Street Capital, Leaders in Middle-Market M&A Advisory

Since its founding in 2015, Madison Street Capital, a middle-market investment banking firm based in the United States, has since expanded across North America as well as into Africa and Asia. Rather than specializing in one particular industry, Madison Street Capital advises clients in numerous fields, including technology, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and many others. Due to this, they offer many different financial services. These include corporate advisory, business valuation and financial reporting valuation. In particular, Madison is known for offering top-quality M&A (merger and acquisition) advisory services. The key, they believe, is to first evaluate the value of companies, which allows them to analyze and offer advice concerning the company’s current situation, as well as the best future opportunities.


Over the past couple of years, Madison Street Capital has shown continuous growth. In 2015, the company closed or announced forty-two hedge fund deals, up from the 32 closed in 2014. 2015 transaction volume (as measured by AUM) was also 27% higher than 2014, driven by a fourth-quarter surge in deals. In 2015, Madison was also awarded the M&A Advisor Turnaround Award for their performance over the year. They won for the Refinancing Deal of the Year for their work with Hatch Chile Company.


2016 represented another year of growth for Madison, leading to their second M&A Advisor award, presented to them earlier this year. This time, they won the prestigious Deal of the Year Award for Dowco Group’s acquisition of Acuna and Asociados SA. This continues Madison’s tradition of excellence in financial advisory, and is the second year in a row that they were recognized by M&A turnaround awards..


Overall, the Madison Street Capital reputation is of an experienced, well-respected investment banking firm. They have been particularly successful with their strategy of helping clients grow by paying close attention to emerging markets. They focus their assets on emerging markets in the region of companies they advise, which has helped them continue to grow and receive universal recognition. Madison is known for advising both private and public business on three continents, and to this date they have led many of their clients to success mergers and acquisitions..


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Achievements of Madison Street Capital

The M&A has recently announced Madison Street Capital, a Chicago based banking firm (for international investments), as a finalist for M&A 15th Annual Advisor Awards. The awards are widely respected in the financial industry as a pinnacle of achievement. They recognize excellence in financing, restructuring and deal making while celebrating the achievements and contribution of leading professionals and firms.



Madison Street CEO and founder, Charles Botchway, said the company was very pleased to have assisted Dowco, their longstanding client, with the acquisition of Acuna & Associates S.A.He added they were honored to be running for the M&A Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year award.



According to the Madison Street Capital, their dealmakers work consistently across multiple time zones in a bid to connect their clients with emerging and growing businesses. This is all done to ensure their clients are connected to businesses suiting their diverse needs for continued success and growth.



KardD’Cunha, the Senior Managing Director of Madison Street Capital, stated that the acquisition of Acuna &Asociados S.A. by Dowco as a very complex cross-border transaction involving many moving parts. Winners of the awards will be announced at M&A’s 15th Annual Advisor Awards Gala to be held at the New York Athletic Club on November 9th.



About M&A Advisor



In 1998 the M&A Advisor was formed to offer intelligence and insights on M&A activities. Over the past eighteen years they have strived to establish a premier global network of finance, turnaround and M&A professionals. Currently, they have the privilege of recognizing achievements of, presenting, and facilitating connections between the industry’s best international performers with a comprehensive range of services.



Madison Street Capital



Madison Street Capital can be described as an international investment banking firm that is committed to service, leadership, excellence and integrity. This is done in delivering valuation services, financial opinions, acquisition and merger expertise and financial advisory services to privately and publicly held businesses. Such services position their clients to succeed in local and global marketplaces.



The client’s objectives and goals become the same to Madison Street Capital when undertaking each new project. Goals range from successful capital raises and financial advisory to transfers of ownership to M&A transactions.Madison Street Capital reputation is unparalleled and it sees emerging markets as the main component driving their client’s global growth. The firm will consistently concentrate on major assets on these markets.


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Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Is at the Forefront of the Title Industry

Nationwide Title Clearance, Inc., based in Palm Harbor, Florida is one of the largest document processing organizations in the world. Its track record and reliability is so outstanding that eight out of ten of the country’s retail banking and mortgage companies use Nationwide for their document processing.


When it comes to locating and verifying mortgage abstracts, liens, and titles, accuracy and speed are the high water marks that everyone looks for. Nationwide has the capacity of locating and verifying records from any county in America, no matter if it is located digitally, or as a paper file, as many of those records are still stored.


What is remarkable about the results that Nationwide has been able to achieve is that their accuracy record is over 99.8 percent with a mistake ratio of less than 1 percent. This is almost impossible to achieve given the number of records that the company processes.


The reason a company the size of Nationwide can get the results that they do is that of the level of technology that the company embraces and the training and competency of its employees. Also, they are exposed to additional training that can help them advance in the company by learning more and more about the company and the industry.


Nationwide has a low turnover rate too, as employees stay with the company. A recent declaration by The Tampa Bay Times cited a study conducted by an independent source that stated that for four out of the last five years, Nationwide employees voted that Nationwide was included in the top 100 employers in the nation.


John Hillman, the CEO of Nationwide recently stated that one of the biggest problems in the document industry is inaccuracies and sloppy handling of the delivery of the same. The remedy is the responsibility of the companies themselves. As he states, we as companies should set our objectives at very high levels, and then measure up to them in a very public way. This would solve the inaccuracies and compliance issues very quickly.


The mission statement of Nationwide is to deliver the highest level of accuracy in the document location and verification process so that mortgage companies and homeowners have the right information for mortgage commerce to exist while at the same time, protecting the land records of our nation.


There’s No Telling Where I’d Be Without The Help Of Ignition Financial

I’ve had such a hard time with my financing company because it seems as if they only want to keep me in debt. I got my loan almost 2 years ago, and I was paying on time every month. When the end of the month came, I knew my payment were going to be on the first of the month, so I made sure to have the money in my account, so I would make my payment on time. It was only when things started going awry at my job that I started falling behind on payments, but it was only three payments, but the financing company certainly made me pay for it.


They gave me one fee after another, which easily added $150 to each late payment onto my total. Even when I got caught up, they still made things hard for me, I decided it was time to refinance. I let them know I was going to work with Ignition Financial because I had heard about them through a friend, but my financing company still wouldn’t work with me to give me a lower rate.


I went to their offices to speak with a professional about my refinancing choices, and it turns out that my credit was a lot better than my previous financier led me to believe. I haven’t checked on my credit in a while, but finding that the good credit I had would allow me to get lower monthly payments may be so happy. The best thing is that Ignition Financial works with several lenders, giving me several choices of which lender would be the best for me.


I was looking for a lower price and a way to slash my payments, and I was also looking for terms that would be agreeable. I didn’t want a lender who was going to stockpile me with tons of fees if I happened to fall behind, and I was able to find the perfect lender with Ignition Financial. It was the end of the month when I refinanced the car, which allowed me another month before I had to make my first payment, which gave me a quick break.


I also learned that Ignition Financial has coverage plans that will keep my entire car covered and protected in case of emergencies, collision that results in irreparable damage, and even protection on my loan. This gap coverage is worth the cost and gives me a piece of mind that I never had when I only had my regular insurance, which wouldn’t cover all the things that the gap coverages will cover. I smile like never before when I drive my car because I’m truly protected against the elements, and it’s all thanks to Ignition Financial.