Squaw Valley Issues Statement About Water Contamination

One of the largest resorts in the country has been in the new recently for a water situation. Squaw Valley has recently issued a statement in regards to questions about their water and the incident that occurred. E. coli and coliform bacteria were detected in the drinking water at the resort, prompting immediate action.



This potential issue was reported to the Placer County Department of Environmental Health immediately after it was detected, on November 8th, 2016. Since that initial report was made, the water has been treated on a consistent basis and has been showing improvement. Out of the four wells on the upper mountain, three are showing no signs of E. coli and little to now signs of coliform.



On November 30th, a statement was issued in regards to the water issue, by Squaw Valley’s Public Relations Director Liesl Kenney.



According to Mr. Kenney, there was an unusually strong storm that affected Placer County in October. This storm led to an inundation of their newly installed water system on the upper mountain. This inundation led to the water contamination. No water was available to the public during any of this time.



During their routine testing processes, the contamination was detected and the proper authorities were alerted immediately. Squaw Valley also began consulting other leading water safety experts to expedite the process. With all of the help, they have taken the necessary steps to address the water issue and will not return the resort to its normal condition until authorities have deemed it possible.



Squaw Valley is concerned about only their customers and their commitment to providing them the best services, when it is safe to do so. The resort has taken the matter very seriously and customers will still have access to their facilities, with free bottled water for drinking. Mr. Kenney assures the public that they will be updated on the progress of this water issue and they appreciate the understanding of their customers.