Betsy DeVos and Her Constant Effort for the Improvement of Education System in the Country

The newly appointed Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has long been waiting to be appointed to this position so that she can carry on with the education reforms and make changes to the educational system of the country that has so far lagged behind. She is a supporter of school choices and voucher programs to help the youth of this country get the education that they deserve. According to her, the current school system was not enough for the big American Dream.

Even though Betsy DeVos married into a wealthy family, she too has strong ties to the conservative movement. Her father was one of the founding members of the Family Research Council. Her siblings are part of the Edgar & Elsa Prince Foundation that contributes to the groups such as the Alliance Defense Fund, Education Freedom Fund and also the Heritage Foundation. While most people know about the millions of dollars that Betsy has spent on bankrolling Republican candidates in different parts of the country, she and her husband, Dick DeVos have their foundation that they started in 1989 and which contributes to various charitable institutions across the country and outside. According to the reports, the DeVos Family Foundation has donated nearly $26.8 million to the different community and public efforts and more than $19.8 million to the arts and culture groups in the country in 2015 alone.

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The couple has chosen many different areas for their charity, but her choice of charity shows some clues as to why she was chosen as the Education Secretary by the President Donald Trump. School choice is one of the primary interests of Betsy, and she contributes towards groups that support it. Also, she has given an enormous amount of money to the Education Freedom Fund that offers a scholarship to children from low-income families to study at private schools. She was also involved in many national conservation organizations like the Acton Institute and the American Dream PAC.

Betsy DeVos had an affiliation for politics from an early age. She went to the Calvin College for her graduation and earned a business degree along with BA in Political Science. She started her political career by working in the national politics working for the presidential campaign of Gerald Ford in the year 1976. Over the years, she has served on the boards of many businesses, political organizations and non-profit organizations. She was the National Committeewoman for MI between the year 1992-1997 and then as the Chairperson of the MI Republican Party from 1996 till 2000. She was again elected in 2003 when Granholm was the Governor. Check her website for more info at

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  1. In this manner, she needs to do her part to guarantee that the children growing up approach the important instruction that will help them get an opportunity to satisfy their American dream. That would also mean that have continued to get everything they want which is something very interesting indeed.

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