How Securus Technologies is Stopping Technological Contraband

I must admit that most of my knowledge of how life inside prison works comes from the hundreds of reruns of crime dramas I’ve watched throughout the years. While obviously those aren’t a realistic picture of life behind bars, I did learn something new the other day that I had never heard about on any crime drama. Apparently, contraband cell phones are the latest threat to security in our correctional institutions.


Securus Technologies published an article that detailed client testimonials of real life stories regarding how the company’s technology has helped keep correctional institutions safer. Most of Securus’ technological solutions involve the prevention or solving of crime that involves cell phones. Securus Technologies has a vast amount of technology available to correctional facilities. Rick Smith, CEO of Securus, made a statement that every week the company either invents a new technology or makes a major improvement on one that is already in existence.


The testimonials were very powerful and opened my eyes to an issue I didn’t even realize was going on in correctional institutions. Apparently, cell phones are the new drug of choice when it comes to smuggling in something that can do harm.


The testimonial that moved me the most was one that detailed how phone monitoring between two brothers (one an inmate, the other outside prison walls) helped prosecutors to get a conviction. Phone monitoring services from Securus recorded a phone conversation that captured the inmate pleading with his brother to provide him with a false alibi for the night of the crime. Clearly, this phone call showed that the man being held was guilty in some way. The brother who was on the outside apparently had never committed even the smallest of crimes in his life and could have got into a lot of trouble by providing a false alibi. In the end, the prosecution was able to use the monitored phone call at the inmate’s trial.


American Institute of Architects Looks to Other Industries

Architecture is an art form that is in constant flux and no one understands that more than Robert Ivy, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Vice President of the American Institute of Architecture (AIA). In a recent interview with Smart Planet, Ivy stressed the importance of accepting other industries’ input when it comes to being progressive in the field of architecture. He encourages fellow architects to think outside of the box, including looking to other industries such as software programmers, when it comes to design and function.

Robert Ivy believes that architecture is not just about aesthetics, but can provide many other benefits to people in the 21st century, such as health benefits. In order to do that, those in the profession should seek the input from those in the industries that it can provide solutions for. He suggests that designs have been used in architecture to provide solutions for community problems for hundreds of years, citing New York City’s Central Park as an example: “The idea with Central park was to eradicate substandard housing and normalize a part of the city that was challenged.” He embraces that young architects today that are socially conscious and have used their design skills to battle some of today societal issues, such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Follow Robert Ivy on Twitter for more updates.

The AIA was founded in 1857 by 13 architects as the New York Society of Architects and provides professional education, advocacy, and public outreach in order to advance the profession. It was formed in order to provide a set of standards for architects, as prior to its formation, anyone could call themselves an architect. In order to be a member of the AIA, one must have graduated from an approved architectural program and be a licensed architecture by a United States licensing authority.

There are over 90,000 members of the AIA with over 300 local chapters in the United States and abroad. It is governed by a board of directors, employees over 200 people full-time, and is headquartered in Washington D.C. It attempts to raise public awareness for the importance of architecture and how it has affected our lives in the past and present, and how it will continue to shape our environment into the future. The official publication of the AIA is Architect: The Magazine of the American Institute of Architects, and is published on a monthly basis. Robert Ivy was elected as CEO of the American Institute of Architects for the two-year term from 2017-2018. The President of AIA is Carl Elefante.



Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund Improve Migrant Worker Rights In The State of Arizona

Lacey and Larkin were two reports targeted by Joe Arapaio approximately one decade ago. Sheriff at the time, Joe Arpaio has made a lot of differences in the way that civil rights are protected in Maricopa county.

He has a history of targeting individuals and also bullying individuals. Many immigrants have been held hostage by his special forces teams.

Not only does Joe Arpaio have a selective task force that carries out his personal missions, but he also has detainment camps that are used for only semi-legal initiatives.

The atrocities of these actions have made a big difference in the way that Lacey and Larkin have operated when defending people who are subjected to these crimes. Women have been tied to chairs or tables during the process of child birth. Numerous others have died while being detained by Joe Arpaio.

It is important to note that there are a lot of benefits to the incarceration or other type of punishment for the blatant abuse of power that Joe Arpaio has performed.

Appointed in 1992 his history of negative and adverse actions is multi dimensional and creates an impression of large scale civil liberties being violated.

The Frontera Fund was established based on the results of a law suit against Joe Arpaio after Lacey and Larkin had taken him to court. The benefits of this were used to assist others who have faced atrocities in civil liberties or other adverse legal actions from the national or state level systems.

Lacey and Larkin have worked hard to serve civil liberty initiatives and create steadfast accomplishments on multiple levels towards the enehanced performance and outcomes in the state of Arizona.

There are a lot of benefits that the Frontera Fund provides in Arizona. They provide assistance when procuring legal representation for immigrants and others affected by civil liberty violations.

Lacey and Larkin have stood up for the importance of the first amendment and were rewarded with more than three million dollars as a result. The benefits of having this fund established is profound due to there being multiple dimensions of civil liberties that needed to be defended.

Having integral benefits to human rights requires achieving better defenses against figures like Joe Arpaio. With the beneficial organizations like the Frontera Fund, Arizona has a chance at improving the experiences for immigrants and other citizens. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Jim Larkin |

Not only does the Frontera Fund provide high quality results for all aspects of legal enforcement, but they also allocate funds to those who are migrants or other workers that have experienced injustices similar to those that Joe Arpaio performed.

During his time as sheriff, Joe Arpaio had targeted several different kinds of migrant workers and organizations in order to maximize the tenants of his personal missions. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

These injustices have continued and may increase due to the presidential pardon for Joe Arpaio despite these kinds of behaviors. The Frontera Fund works to improve outcomes for multiple groups of immigrants and under served populations in the state of Arizona and throughout the southwest.

Betsy DeVos: Keen Political Strategist and Team Player

Betsy DeVos is heading towards the end of her first year as the U.S. Secretary of Education. Her initial year in Washington, D.C., has been one in which the Secretary has been the subject of a considerable amount of public and media attention. Some of what has been reported about Secretary DeVos has been surprising to people who have known her the longest.


DeVos had a significant background in the political arena before her nomination as Secretary of Education. She served as the chair of the Republican Party of Michigan. In addition, her husband, Dick, ran for Governor of Michigan. She has been heavily involved in political campaigns, for candidates and issues alike.


A primary interest of DeVos before coming to Washington was school choice. That remains an issue of concern to her now that she is a member of the President’s Cabinet.


In addition to her involvement in the political arena, Devos and her husband are generous philanthropists. They have been actively involved in the arts, education programs, and a variety of areas. This includes spending both their time and money on not-for-profit endeavors.


DeVos faced some challenges during the nomination process for her position as Secretary of Education. Indeed, when the final vote occurred, Vice President Mike Pence was called upon to break a tie.


Fairly early during her time in office, President Donald Trump made the decision to overturn a policy of the Obama Administration regarding the use of public school bathrooms by transgender individuals ( The Obama Administrationput a policy in place that permitted public school students the ability to select a restroom for use based on their own gender identity. Trump desired students not be permitted this option.


Initially, DeVos was opposed to the proposed change by Obama. She privately lobbied the President to reconsider making this change. In the end, she was unable to persuade the President to keep the Obama policy in place.


Once she learned of what Trump intended to do with the restroom policy, she reached out to a representative of the LGBT and transgender employees in the Education Department She met with the representative to give a heads-up about what was about to happen in regard to the restroom policy. She advised of her personal position regarding the issue, but that she would support the decision of the President as a member of the Cabinet.


In fact, when the policy change was announced, it was impossible to discern any space between the position of the Secretary and the President. Despite her efforts to dissuade the President from the change, once it occurred, DeVos was a full team player. She even made a major speech to an important conservative organization in the aftermath of the policy change. In that speech, she echoed the position of the President that the policy to permit restroom choice based on gender identity was a significant encroachment on state’s rights. Even in this speech, there was no evidence that DeVos had ever disagreed with the position of the President on the issue.


Larkin and Lacey Use Resources to Help Minorities

Since Larkin and Lacey started the Frontera Fund, they have found there are many resources they can use to help the minorities and their families that are struggling through different issues. For Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, this was part of how they would be able to continue helping people and it was there way of making sure they could give everyone what they needed.

The men knew there would be different opportunities they could use to their advantage and that’s what allowed them the chance to make the most positive impact on the lies of those people who they were working with.

Depending on the way things worked for minorities, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin knew what they could do and how they could help them. It was part of how they were offering different opportunities and part of what made them the best they could be.

Larkin and Lacey always did their best to give people the options they needed and the opportunities they could take advantage of while they were working on different things for the people who they were serving. It all went back to the help they could provide to others in different areas of business.

By looking at all of these things and offering up these opportunities, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin wanted minorities to know they had the chance to succeed in life. Read more: Jim Larkin | and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

They were dedicated to showing them different opportunities and making sure they knew there was a way to live their lives without worry about what was going to happen to them.

Even though there were some people who had the ability to make things harder on minorities, the men knew they wouldn’t have to worry about what was happening to them or what was going to happen to them in the future.

Depending on the things that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were doing, they knew the right turns to take. They liked the direction things were going and they were positive about the experiences that would help them succeed in different areas. It was a big part of their organization.

The Frontera Fund has been huge because of the dedication the men have. They know what it takes to make sure things are working out for them and they will stop at nothing to make sure people have the opportunities they deserve no matter what is going on in the industry.

How the American Institute of Architects is Performing

The American Institute of Architects has always been an important part of the architectural industry. They know what to do to connect different people and that’s what has made them so influential in the community. Those who work with the institute know that it will work better in different situations and know there will be many improvements they can take away from the opportunities they have. Robert Ivy, who is an integral part of the leadership at the institute, knows what it takes to show people what they can do and how they can be functioning members of the industry. He also knows the institute will be able to benefit from everything he has to offer it. For Robert Ivy, this is an important part of his job and what sets his industry focus apart from everyone else. He has always tried to show others what they can do in the industry and that has allowed him to keep giving back in different situations. See more at HUFFPOST about Robert Ivy

While Robert Ivy knows what he is doing, the institute has seen a lot of success under the opportunities he has created. He knew what it would take to make things better and provide relief for the organization. In addition, he knew there would be ways he could try different things and make sure he was giving back to the community. Robert Ivy liked to give people what he had to offer and he liked them to realize they were doing different things that would make a difference no matter what was going on. Read this article at Architectural Record about Robert Ivy

As long as Robert Ivy is a leader in the business, he knows he can do different things. He has always tried to rely on his career and on the people he works with in the industry to get more out of the situations he is in. Robert Ivy likes to show people what he can do and how he is actually making a difference for others. In addition, he wants everyone to know they can try different things and give back to the community they are a part of.

For Robert Ivy, this is what his business is all about. He likes to connect architects and give them the advice they need. When he’s able to do that, he feels successful. He also feels he is an important part of the community. If it weren’t for the American Institute of Architects, there would be many people who had not connected. If these people didn’t many valuable connections, there would have been no positive advances in the way things were done with architectural structures and other things that were a positive impact in the community. It was all thanks to Robert Ivy.

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Fagali’I Airport

Fagali’I Airport is an airport in Fagali’I, Samoa once owned and operated by Polynesian airlines and the Samoan government. Due to its grass-only pave strip, it was paved and reopened during the summer of 2002. A few years later, the airport was shut down for business after the government and the citizens of the area voiced their concerns about noise and safety.

In the summer of 2009, Fagali’I Airport was reopened under Polynesian airlines back on regular service with included flights to Pago Pago, American Samoa. Airlines the operate within the airport include Polynesian Airlines, Samoa Air, South Pacific Island Airways, and Talofa Airways. The airport was faced with criticism for safety and environmental issues.

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With all the issues that Fagali’I Airport has seen, the airport is still up and running and taking people where they need to go. There are many hotels and attractions near the airport to provide tourists with a great experience of the country of Samoa according to Hotels around the airport range from $50-$200 a night and are fairly close to the coast, providing a view of the beach, with its crystal blue waters and swaying palm trees. The hotels, such as Tanoa Tusitala, Le Alaimoana, and Insel Fehmarn, provide guest with a great view, a pool, and outdoor seating to soak up the sun. There are also resorts, such as Taumeasina Island, Seabreeze, and Saletoga Sands, provide their guest with a cafe, spa, and paddle boarding.

All of the fun doesn’t stop at the hotels and resorts because there is so much to do in the surrounding areas. For shopping, the Old Apia Market and Plantation House are nearby for anyone looking to purchase authentic souvenirs according to For those who enjoy nature, the Papapapaitai Falls, AquaSamoa, and Palolo Deep Marine Reserve are there for anyone to explore the fishes in the ocean and the lush green trees of the forest. The day doesn’t stop there because the nightlife is provided by Club X and Fiafia Night, which is a concert and show with a dinner. With all the attractions around the airport, its impossible to be bored.


American Institute of Architects: The Latest News and Updates

There are many online articles you can read today about Robert Ivy and the role he plays in the American Institute of Architects, but how many of them are concise and easy to read? Most of the articles you find could also be written in gauche, so you are unable to finish them. We will try to fix that in this article.

Coupled with the most relevant and updated information we can find, we will share with you here the latest updates we have about Robert, click here and what the American Insitute of Architects has recently been up to. Let’s start!

American Institute of Architects (AIA) Leadership

It may be first important to state here that Robert is the current CEO of AIA. Being the EVP for the organization means he’s one of the main people responsible for the dynamic growth of the group. He’s also responsible for sustaining the AIA network with more than 250 branches and chapters across the United States.

Consequently, he’s making all the efforts to make sure that the bond between the group he’s in and the communities outside the organization are secure and reliable. He’s also the man who’s doing outreach programs to answer the needs of the community through advocacy, lectures and charity activities that help their clients adjust to the modern challenges being faced in the architecture industry.

The Latest Updated About AIA

AIA is an organization formed by architects in Washington, DC, with over 260 chapters across the world. The main vision of the group is to offer assistance, knowledge, resources and support to all the member architects who otherwise would find it hard to get the support system they need.

One of the newest things that AIA has been doing is the recent awarding ceremony for the 2018 Architecture Firm Award. This recognition went to the Snow Kreilich Architects, which is a firm based in Minneapolis that has been around for the past two decades now and has established itself as a brand that’s able to transform how architects can improve the client’s understanding of their experience.

With the help of the designs from the architects at Snow Kreilich Architects, the designs that the people see from private homes and parks are guaranteed to be so beautiful, that they may be able to alter one’s experience of the place. Other than the current award, Snow has also received a lot of recognition from AIA, which includes the AIA Honor Awards for Architecture and a series of Top Ten Awards, usually from AIA and COTE.


American Institute of Architects is one of the largest organizations today that help improves the dynamics in the architecture industry. With the support of people like Robert Ivy, we can expect more from AIA to expand the horizons of building designs.

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Securus Technologies Keeps

Securus Technologies is just a company that investigators have been waiting for. When it comes to crime inside of the prison Securus Technologies has created the ultimate software platform that can help investigators track down what is occurring inside of the prison. This is also the company that has made it easier for the Department of Corrections to prevent a lot of crime before it even occurs. This is the benefit of having a company that creates software that can monitor fraternization. This analysis software has become quite impressive to a large number of people that are trying to help with crime prevention inside of the prison.


Securus Technologies is a company that is well-known with many people that have family members that are incarcerated. This company is known to the outside world as the video visitation software. This is what the large majority of people that are communicating with inmates are familiar with. When it comes to the crime prevention aspect some people may not know that this company has had a large hand in creating an avenue for people to investigate crime issues.


Securus Technologies is growing as a company that caters to a lot of different needs for the Department of Corrections. This is a very important aspect of technology upgrades for the prison system, and there are a lot of competitors in place. Securus Technologies is the company that is designed to help organizations build better prison facilities where fear riots and fatalities occur inside of the prison walls.


Securus is definitely growing as a company that has cut down crime in the prison while keeping the cost of communication down for friends of those that are incarcerated. It has a great chance of growing in concerns to profit with CEO Rick Smith in upcoming years.


The Power of One Hour with Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is the Chief Executive Officer of Qi Group, which is a Hong Kong conglomerate. Vijay believes that the experience he has after working with the Qi Group has made him a good businessperson. In his management book, in the sphere of silence, he expresses his interest in the power of an hour being in a quiet and silent place where you meditate and refresh your brain to be sharp and always active.

Vijay Eswaran is nine years old in e-commerce, ecotourism and interactive marketing, which is worth seven thousand million dollars. Eswaran is a Malaysian who was brought up in a meditative Hindu tradition that is Indian in Nature. At his grandfather’s knee, Vijay Eswaran learned Mouna vratham silence ritual that helped him come out with a great idea of writing his book.

Apart from meditation, the book also speaks about listening a lot, thinking before speaking and making to-do lists daily. It is an inspiration to young people who want to accomplish their goals in life. The book has helped many young people understand their path towards success and the obstacles they can meet while pursuing what gives them joy. Read more: Vijay Eswaran | Professional Profile – LinkedIn

The book has also quoted great and inspirational people like Mother Teresa, Norma Schwarzkopf, Aristotle, Prophet Muhammad and Keats who were great scholars B.C. The book has been used by great leaders and they have recognized the effort put in writing the book.

The book is said to have been modestly sold in Southern Asia. Southern Asia is where the author – Vijay Eswaran is developing a reputation as a guru for the CEO set. The book was first published in 2005 by Rhythm House. Eswaran publishing arm is an acronym for Raise Yourself to Help Making has recently been published in the U.S.

Eswaran has practically applied his one hour of silence technique and has managed to learn many things about him and the society at large. He spends an hour in absolute silence, although he always divides the hour into five parts.

The first three of ten minutes each while the fourth part takes twenty minutes and finally the fifth takes ten minutes. His optimum time is between 4:00 am and 6:00 am.