Madison Street Capital, Leaders in Middle-Market M&A Advisory

Since its founding in 2015, Madison Street Capital, a middle-market investment banking firm based in the United States, has since expanded across North America as well as into Africa and Asia. Rather than specializing in one particular industry, Madison Street Capital advises clients in numerous fields, including technology, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and many others. Due to this, they offer many different financial services. These include corporate advisory, business valuation and financial reporting valuation. In particular, Madison is known for offering top-quality M&A (merger and acquisition) advisory services. The key, they believe, is to first evaluate the value of companies, which allows them to analyze and offer advice concerning the company’s current situation, as well as the best future opportunities.


Over the past couple of years, Madison Street Capital has shown continuous growth. In 2015, the company closed or announced forty-two hedge fund deals, up from the 32 closed in 2014. 2015 transaction volume (as measured by AUM) was also 27% higher than 2014, driven by a fourth-quarter surge in deals. In 2015, Madison was also awarded the M&A Advisor Turnaround Award for their performance over the year. They won for the Refinancing Deal of the Year for their work with Hatch Chile Company.


2016 represented another year of growth for Madison, leading to their second M&A Advisor award, presented to them earlier this year. This time, they won the prestigious Deal of the Year Award for Dowco Group’s acquisition of Acuna and Asociados SA. This continues Madison’s tradition of excellence in financial advisory, and is the second year in a row that they were recognized by M&A turnaround awards..


Overall, the Madison Street Capital reputation is of an experienced, well-respected investment banking firm. They have been particularly successful with their strategy of helping clients grow by paying close attention to emerging markets. They focus their assets on emerging markets in the region of companies they advise, which has helped them continue to grow and receive universal recognition. Madison is known for advising both private and public business on three continents, and to this date they have led many of their clients to success mergers and acquisitions..


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Highland Capital Shifts Gears, Renews Focus on Healthcare

Highland Capital Management is an investment firm that is focused out of Dallas, TX. The company was established and has been raised up to its current status by the hard work of CEO James Dondero. James Dondero has already gotten a reputation around the industry as an innovative and exciting investor who knows how to work the wild wings of the market. Nowadays Highland Capital Management is focusing on breaking through the ceiling in order to improve returns for their clients. Last year Highland Small Cap Equity made nearly 32% in terms of return for their investors by working with energy stocks. This year their focus is on healthcare.


The healthcare industry is up in the air right now while a ton of moving parts are in the works in Washington. However, this hasn’t stopped James Dondero and Michael Gregory from shifting their focus to the healthcare field. Gregory acts as the CIO for Highland Alternative Investors, located out of Dallas, and his branch manages nearly $15.4 billion. Gregory was a big part of Highland’s huge success last year and he has been given the green light to shift focus toward healthcare.


Michael Gregory is quick to point out that healthcare struggled last year, posting a -2.1% growth rate but that has him all the more excited. Gregory believes that there is a very real difference that could result in “a tremendous rebound” throughout 2017 for the healthcare industry. Of the various companies that Gregory is focused on is the Collegium Pharmaceutical INC. Gregory’s focus this year is on the raging opioid epidemic that is currently engulfing America. Gregory says, “The insurance companies are starting to do something about it” and this means that newer, better and less addictive drugs are going to be hitting the market. Collegium is developing a drug called Xtampza ER which is a less addictive version of oxycodone and it could be a medical game changer.


Michael Gregory and James Dondero continue to lead Highland Capital into the future. Their focus on health care could be a huge boon in an industry that is being underplayed by big name investors.

CP+B is Appreciative if Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is the type of person who constantly exceeds expectations. No matter the challenge she’s always ready to take some bruises and win the fight. In fact, her whole career she has been proven people wrong. Though the advertising industry is male dominated and prefers big personalities, Senecal excels as a powerful woman and self-proclaimed shy introvert. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

She has built a reputation in the industry as someone who doesn’t crack under extreme pressure. Many agencies have brought in Senecal for her expertise during critical transition periods. Most noticeable was the role she played in saving KBS when the company was in the middle of a nosedive. She is largely credited with leading KBS into the second phase of its existence.

She was really vindicated as an advertising leader once CP+B appointed her global CEO of the agency. In her two year tenure as global CEO, she undeniably helped the agency become something new. With Lori Senecal leading the way CP+B landed the American Airlines account. A huge victory for the still relatively young company. It beat the odds by snagging the account away from TM Advertising, which had worked with American Airlines for 25 years.

Despite so much success, this year she decided to announce her plans to step down as global CEO at the end of the year. Co-founder and chairman of CP+B Chuck Porter, is more than thankful for all the great things Senecal has contributed to the agency as a whole. Porter has said that he and her are developing the next-generation leadership team together. He wants to make sure the agency has a smooth transition after this year is finished and Senecal retires. He sees Senecal as more than just a business partner. He sees her as a friend as well. One who has helped him make his agency what it is today.

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How Could Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Actually Take on Amazon in the Fashion Niche?

Amazon has been comfortably at the top of the fashion niche for many years, and commanding 29% of that market means that they are usually not afraid when another company selling active-wear threatens their dominance. Things appear to be changing this year, as Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has taken a huge chunk of sales from Amazon, passing the $250 million mark in sales in only three short years. If Amazon is not concerned yet, they should be getting worried very shortly.


Hudson was asked how her athleisure brand has completely dominated the space that Amazon has been crushing all these years. Her response was that her company uses a unique combination of reverse-showrooming and memberships. To see this process in action, all you need to do is visit one of the Fabletics retail outlets in the mall. Women are actually encouraged to simply window shop, you will never see any of the Fabletics associates trying high-pressure sales tactics to close deals or meet quotas. Women simply come in the store, sign-up for a free membership, and even complete their Lifestyle Quiz to unlock even more member benefits.


Trying on the clothes in the stores at the mall is one of the keys to her success, says Hudson. Women try clothing on without pressure, the items are added to the online shopping cart, and when these women are relaxed at home and visit the Fabletics website, all those items are simply in their account for consideration. Now having tried on all those items already, it is so much easier to shop for similar styles or designs knowing they will fit perfectly. This process is in huge contrast to Amazon where you return the clothes over and over until you get something that fits correctly.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is taking the road less traveled, and her customers are returning over and over to buy high-quality workout apparel and more each month. As a member of the Fabletics, you are assigned a personal shopper who will look over your Lifestyle Quiz results and choose something new each month they thing you will adore. When you log into the website at the top of each month, you can agree to get that item your personal shopper has chosen, select another, or simply decline to buy anything. No pressure, huge selections, and high-quality active-wear are some of the reasons Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is poised to make rumblings in the fashion niche.

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