How The ‘Queen of Unicorns” Reached Her Dreams

Business woman, Doe Deere, is the creative genius behind the colorful makeup line known as Lime Crime. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California and has an incredible success story to share.Doe was born in Russia but migrated to New York City at the age of 17 and lived there from 1998 to 2012. Living between Manhattan and Brooklyn, Doe took advantage of the energetic atmosphere of The Big Apple and pursued both music and fashion. However, as fate would have it, she would discover her truest passion; a love for bright colored makeup. And the rest is history.


Doe recalls her earliest business venture when she was just 13 years old. She managed to sell temporary tattoos to her classmates and friends. She stated that she was always imaginative and ambitious in that sense.


During her years in NYC, she was a member of a band where she was fortunate enough to meet her husband and future business partner for Lime Crime. Although her music dreams were short lived, Doe credits the experience in teaching her marketing skills and appreciation for an audience.


She eventually majored in fashion design at NYC’s FIT college.


Lime Crime was born out of necessity according to Doe. She was unable to find the bright and unusual colors at conventional drug stores that suited her taste. With the cosmetic industry being primarily driven by a demand for natural colors and hues, Doe took matters into her own hands. She began formulating her own lipsticks and eyeshadows with total freedom to make which every color she desired.


Doe also operated her own Ebay fashion store and modeled her own clothing. She needed the correct makeup to complete the look.

She modeled her makeup looks on social media as well and quickly discovered a massive following of people that loved it. Doe took advantage of this niche and Lime Crime became very profitable.


With a newly launched line of colorful hair dyes, Lime Crime is truly unstoppable.


Doe’s secrets to success are based on the idea of following ones heart. She states that it is important to find your uniqueness and to “go where you love“. Once this is achieved, only then can one reach their truest potential.


Doe has stated that her makeup line is a form of self-expression and freedom. She hopes that her customers can also feel free to express themselves without fear of criticism and judgement from others.


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Doe Deere and her successful Lime Crime Cosmetics

Doe Deere is considered the queen of unicorns as she is the founder of a successful beauty company known as Lime Crime. It’s hard to keep up with Doe who likes bold hair colors like purple and pink. Doe Deere did an exclusive interview with Guest of a Guest where she explained how she succeeded in the beauty industry. Self magazine named Doe to be among the top female entrepreneurs who are inspiring.


Doe originates from Russia but moved to New York City when she was seventeen years old. She currently resides in Los Angeles. As a child, Doe Deere was an ambitious and dreamt of becoming a musician, something she pursued when she moved to New York in 1998. Her music career assisted her to learn how to market and appreciate the people who turn up for events.


Doe met her husband when they were playing in the same band together. Mrs.Deere advises younger women who are ambitious like her to follow their hearts. Doe believes that everyone has a unique quality or skill that no one else has. Once those skills are tuned, they are likely to reach the highest potential and blossom. Doe calls her fans unicorns because they are different and should be proud of themselves. Most of the buyers are brave because the shades of lipstick produced are for women who love color.


Lime Crime was launched in 2008 when it was impossible to get unusual bright colors in the make up industry. At that time, the industry only had the natural look and Doe decided to capitalize on the bright colors.The mission of Lime Crime is to give the customers freedom to express themselves. A new liquid to matte lipstick was introduced to the market. The lipstick is transfer proof and does not crumble.


Kimberly Gordon is Mrs. Deere’s role model who is the creative brain of Wildfox. Lime Crime and Wildflower launched approximately at the same time. Kim also followed her passion which was vintage comfortable clothing. Doe considers Kim to be a good friend and a mentor.


Doe has a background in fashion and majored in fashion design from FIT which is situated in New York. According to Doe, fashion and makeup have to go hand in hand.

Why Does Jason Hope Believe In The Internet Of Things?

Smart technology is currently changing the way that we interface with the world around us. A long time ago it would have been hard to imagine keyless cars, much less an app that you can use from your phone in order to secure your entire house.

As smart technology continues to become the norm we expect more and more companies to start taking advantage of the technology. Leading the charge in smart tech is Jason Hope — an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and futurist who seems to have his eyes set on the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things, often abbreviated as IoT, is the umbrella term under which we refer to the interfacing of smart technology on every day objects. It is Hope’s belief that one day consumers will have utilized smart technology so completely that their very life will be changed forever. Right now the Internet of Things is a fairly niche sub genre of the tech revolution but we don’t expect it to stay that way going into the future. Hope is an active writer on the internet where he discusses how the Internet of Things has the potential to completely change the world.

Of course, Jason Hope is much more than just someone who believes in the future of the Internet of Things. Hope is also an active philanthropist and his work is saving lives around the planet. Hope’s work with the SENS Foundation has already garnered major breakthroughs in the realm of heart and lung disease and Alzheimer’s disease.