Capital Group Gets A New Chairman

On July 28, 2015, Timothy (Tim) Armour was elected the chairman of the Capital Group. The leading investment firm’s Board of Directors was mandated with the duty of sourcing for a qualified executive leader. Before becoming the chairman of the company, Timothy Armour served as the chairman of Capital Research and Management Company.

As the senior most leader at the company, Timothy Armour will be working closely with other senior management leaders at the enterprise. These leaders include Phil De Toledo and Rob Lovelace. Phil is Capital Group’s president while Rob is the president of Capital Research and Management Company. The team will be responsible for overseeing, developing and implementing overall business strategies for the Capital Group.

Timothy Armour is replacing the former chairman, Jim Rothenberg. His election was occasioned by the sudden demise of Jim. Many people believe that the election by the board was just a formality as the company had already been preparing Tim to take over from Jim. The succession plan has been in motion for years.

Speaking about the former leader, Timothy Armour praised him as a purposeful leader who had the unique ability to take decisive actions that benefited clients, investors, and associates for longer periods. He also noted that Jim was more than just a leader. He was both a friend and colleague to the staff of Capital Group. He encouraged the staff to continue working together as before as the company’s 84-year legacy is built on the collective talents of all of the company’s associates. Tim praised the associates for their determination to provide the company’s clients and investors with superior and long-term investment results. This information was originally reported on PRNewswire as outlined here.

Tim Armour plays a critical leadership role at Capital Group. He holds different positions at the organization. Besides being the chairman of the firm, he is the chairman of the company’s management committee. In addition, he is the chairman and principal of Capital Research and Management Company. Time is also an equity portfolio manager at Capital Group.

The Los Angeles-based business leader joined the company over 33 years ago straight from college. He is one of the longest serving employees at the firm. He started as a participant in the company’s Associates Program. Later, he became an equity investment analyst. In this position, he was responsible for handling global communications and U.S service companies. His success saw him appointed to company’s leadership team. Timothy Armour holds an economics degree from the Middlebury College.

There’s No Telling Where I’d Be Without The Help Of Ignition Financial

I’ve had such a hard time with my financing company because it seems as if they only want to keep me in debt. I got my loan almost 2 years ago, and I was paying on time every month. When the end of the month came, I knew my payment were going to be on the first of the month, so I made sure to have the money in my account, so I would make my payment on time. It was only when things started going awry at my job that I started falling behind on payments, but it was only three payments, but the financing company certainly made me pay for it.


They gave me one fee after another, which easily added $150 to each late payment onto my total. Even when I got caught up, they still made things hard for me, I decided it was time to refinance. I let them know I was going to work with Ignition Financial because I had heard about them through a friend, but my financing company still wouldn’t work with me to give me a lower rate.


I went to their offices to speak with a professional about my refinancing choices, and it turns out that my credit was a lot better than my previous financier led me to believe. I haven’t checked on my credit in a while, but finding that the good credit I had would allow me to get lower monthly payments may be so happy. The best thing is that Ignition Financial works with several lenders, giving me several choices of which lender would be the best for me.


I was looking for a lower price and a way to slash my payments, and I was also looking for terms that would be agreeable. I didn’t want a lender who was going to stockpile me with tons of fees if I happened to fall behind, and I was able to find the perfect lender with Ignition Financial. It was the end of the month when I refinanced the car, which allowed me another month before I had to make my first payment, which gave me a quick break.


I also learned that Ignition Financial has coverage plans that will keep my entire car covered and protected in case of emergencies, collision that results in irreparable damage, and even protection on my loan. This gap coverage is worth the cost and gives me a piece of mind that I never had when I only had my regular insurance, which wouldn’t cover all the things that the gap coverages will cover. I smile like never before when I drive my car because I’m truly protected against the elements, and it’s all thanks to Ignition Financial.


Dick DeVos and His Philanthropic Activities

Of the many individuals all over the world that have showed a talent as well as an interest within the world of business, one individual is a distinguished individual within this industry that has not only earned much respect from his clients and his peers, but also continues to inspire individuals to become a part of this passionate as well as lucrative industry. This individual is Dick DeVos, the son of Richard DeVos, a prominent businessman as well as the founder of Amway Corporation, a company that is not only growing sales, but a company that is also growing in reputation all over the world.


Ever since he was a young boy, Dick DeVos has looked to please his father and to make sure that he demonstrates his passion for business as well as his drive to continue to build the family name of DeVos and to preserve and grow the legacy for the future. Dick DeVos continues to show passion within the world of business even after 40 years of experience and continues to inspire young individuals to become a part of this world of possibilities and to add their own ideas of growth for the future.


Dick DeVos joined the family company as an official employee after he graduated from Boston College with a degree in economics, a degree that he was proud of and a degree that he put a lot of work into. Dick DeVos believes that the key to success is to truly learn something and to master the education. Dick DeVos believes that without an appreciation for knowledge, success will never take place. As a member of the Amway Corporation family, Dick DeVos was able to climb the ladder to the top and was able to not only be in charge of international sales, but also in charge of Amway Corporation as a whole.


Dick DeVos has followed the footsteps of his family in many different ways. In addition to the business aspect, Dick DeVos has also proved himself to be an avid philanthropist who has increased his annual donations to many deserving foundations.


Discovering Brian Bonar, Who Is The Man Behind Such Financial Finesse?

Dr. Brian Bonar is a man to watch in the world of finance. Based in San Diego, California, Brian Bonar has captured the attention of many in the world of finance and investing because of his creativity and uncanny knack with mergers and acquiring of assets.

Brian attended James Watt Technical College where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering. Following his undergraduate studies, he ascertained a Master’s Degree from Stafford University in Mechanical Engineering.

Brian Bonar has honed his skills as a business leader, with a reputation for being able to successfully build up a business from scratch. He has worked at the Dalrada Financial Corporation as Executive Vice President, IBM as a procurement manager, QMS as Director of Engineering, and has had a total of 30 years of top-notch business management experience.

Brian continually dominates in his field as a leader with a powerful creative mind and a commitment toward excellence. He continually acts as a mentor and constructs solid teams within the companies he has worked.

Currently, Brian Bonar is the CEO and Chairman of Trucept, Incorporated. Brian Bonar received the position of Chairman March 12, 2010. Trucept, Incorporated is a leader in business solutions for small to medium companies, focusing on task completion and management of fine points like human resources and payroll.

Trucept, Incorporated focuses on handling all the small details of a business, so that a business can focus more on company growth. Brian Bonar has been a steadfast leader, confidently showcasing his leadership and business management skills within Trucept, Incorporated.

Beyond Dr. Brian Bonar’s status as a leader and manager within the financial world, he is also a family man. Brian Bonar enjoys spending time with his family, in addition to playing an occasional round of golf in his downtime.

Squaw Valley Official Water Statement

The Squaw Valley ski resort has given an official statement in regards to the E.coli and coliform that was found in the drinking water in the upper mountain region of the resort. The health issue was reported to the Placer County Department of Environmental Health on November 8.

Since the initial report on, the water has been constantly treated and its condition is improving. Three of the four wells that are in the upper mountain show lower levels of coliform, and there are currently no traces of E.coli, according to Placer County Environmental Health director Wesley Nicks.

The restaurants in the upper mountain will remain closed until the water is completely clean, and visitors are not permitted to consume the water until the water is totally clean.

Squaw Valley also issued a formal statement concerning the water issue on November 30. Source:

The resort stated that in October, a heavy rainstorm affected some of the Placer County water systems. The weather overwhelmed the Squaw Valley water system, which had been installed in the summer, which resulted in water contamination. Squaw Valley also confirmed that none of the other water systems at the resort were contaminated. The ski resort also makes it clear that the affected water was never available for the public to consume.

Squaw Valley immediately contacted Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District as soon as a water issue was detected. Other area leaders in water safety were also contacted. The resort on Weather has addressed the issue and will continue to treat the water until all water is at normal levels.

Squaw Valley also made it clear that visitor safety is very important and confirms that resort guests still have full access to Squaw Valley amenities. The resort also states that guests were given bottled water for drinking.